Supernatural Bull$#!* Powers


Hey–you run an amazing place!  You know I’m a 100% straight shooter, so you can count on it when I tell you that the VERY worst thing I can say about tonight is that I wouldn’t have served the catfish last–and I had to beat my brains to come up with even that.  Every single dishwas fantastic.  I’d be at a loss to tell anyone what to order.  Myadvice to friends (and I will direct as many of them as I can your way) will simply be to put themselves in the hands of the great chef. It was wonderful to see you in person, and even better to see you working in a business where you can put your supernatural bullshitting powers to work for you.  When I get back to LA, I’ll break out the pencil and paper and make you something suitable for framing.

Jay Lender
Writer/Director, Sponge Bob Square Pants